adam I’m waiting for you….

I have a question for all you charge backers out there.

Do you think it might be possible that, since we’re all in the same group and everyone has pretty much gotten the emails stating that the adam shipment is in processing, when you are trying to cancel your orders it is making it that much more work for them to TRY to sort through the orders and pull just those ones back? I mean you have the work that went into sorting orders to countries and now some want to cancel their orders.

Since it keeps happening a few everyday they are getting more and more behind?

Now they have to double and triple check to make sure that the ones that they are trying to refund haven’t been already shipped and need to try to keep the customer happy at the same time.

A lot of people seem to conveniently forget that this is a startup.

Most startups that we see have already gotten all these bugs worked out prior to releasing a product. They also don’t have anywhere near the same fan base or end user feedback.

I think Rohan is doing an admirable job considering all the pressure from customers, shipping, logistics, a possible new wife (not sure if that was rumor or true), life in general, etc.

I’d like to see any of you naysayers, charge backers, and general grumblers try to do even a tenth of what he has managed with only a few people in his corner for the last few years. Come back for adam 2 if you’ve grown up enough to understand LIFE HAPPENS whether we like it or not.
On a plus note, not sure if my earlier post came through so if it didn’t here is a quick recap:

There is a downloadable pdf of the USER MANUAL on the support page of

Here is the link directly to the page:


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